Lead time fluctuations

We work hard to honor quoted lead times

We always strive to honor quoted lead times. However, there may be circumstances such as supply chain or handmade production issues that cause our lead times to fluctuate.

Lead times are estimates and are always subject to change. Our tiles are hand made with care upon order confirmation. Please be aware that an order in production does not mean it’s being manufactured, it could be in the queue for production. We try to keep track of the original ETA given, but there may be delays due to a number of reasons:

- If our artisan's clay provider is out of material then they cannot start your order and must wait until more clay can be provided. Factors like this are entirely out of our control.

- Although we use the same glaze formula to achieve a color sometimes glaze color comes out different unexpectedly due to interaction between gas, oxygen and glaze ingredients. In cases like this we must develop a new glaze formula to get the desired color which results in extended lead times.

- Clay tiles have to be completely dry before firing in the kiln to avoid tiles breaking and exploding. This process can take a very long time especially during rainy seasons. Even when tiles appear dry they will have some residual moisture which can result in breakages. Artisans then have to reproduce a significant portion of orders.  

- Our artisan’s health is a top priority. Tile artisans sometimes get sick which can lead to extended lead times.

If there are any changes that affect the quoted lead-time, we will notify you as soon as possible. We work diligently to make sure you receive your Clay Imports product in a timely manner. Please understand we work with small craftsmen shops, and they take pride in making each piece with the utmost care.

We don't accept cancellation or compensation requests due to ETA delay.

Before scheduling your installation, please wait for us to update you on the completion of your order and estimated date of arrival.

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