My tile arrived broken. What step shall I take?

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We make sure our tile leaves our warehouse in perfect condition. However, occasionally items get damaged during shipping and it is expected that a very small percentage of your tile will arrive chipped or scratched. This is why, we highly recommend ordering at least 15% overage. 

If your order arrived damaged/broken, please immediately follow the steps listed below to ensure prompt attention.

  • Customer is responsible for the inspection of all material when received. 

When your order arrives, immediately inspect your tile to ensure it has not be damaged during transit. If you notice a significant amount of breakage or clear issues with the packing or there was no visible damage to the outer packaging, but damage was discovered once a carton was opened, you should provide an accurate and clear report of the damage (ex. detailed photos and counts of what is broken).

  • The following information must be provided to within the following 48 hours of order receipt.

Damage notifications must be sent to within the following 48 hours of order receipt so that we can file a claim with the shipping company, and coordinate the replacement of damaged pieces. Please note any damage must be noted on the freight company Bill of Lading at the time of delivery. No claim for damage can be accepted if not noted at the time of delivery.

-Your order details (name, order number and date of arrival)

-Copy of delivery receipt (BOL) with damaged noted

-Type of damage

-Qty of material damage

-Photos of damaged pallet and boxes

-Photos of damaged material

-Consignee and contact information

  • Do not refuse the shipment or damaged portions of the shipment.

Generally, the majority of tiles are still usable and only a small portion of tiles may need to be replaced. If you refuse shipment due to damage, you may be liable for any additional shipping fees associated with shipping the usable tile back to Clay Imports or to your job site. Additionally, this will delay any claims and replacement orders.

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